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Head coach wanted: 3 reasons to come to Philly

Challenging is probably the best, politically correct, term for the task of finding a new head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. Philly is a sports town to be sure and the Eagles are so ingrained as part of the culture here, that it can make it very hard on a coach or a player when they are not winning.

Let’s face it, we will get a new coach, but anyone thinking about taking this job will be thinking about a town that throws snowballs at Santa. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with a few reasons someone might want to coach and live in Philly.

We have cheesesteaks – OK, this is reason #1. Many cities have “Philadelphia cheesesteaks” on the menu, but you can only get good ones at the real, original places in town like Tony Luke’s, Jim’s or Gino’s. If you like to eat food in general, Philly is the place for you. And the cheesesteaks will probably be free (as long as you are winning).

Winters have been mild – Yes, I just jinxed it. We will now have a huge blizzard in February or March, but it’s usually gone in a few days. In any case, we’re no Chicago. Bring the coat, but with this global warming thing going on, after a few seasons, you’ll be wondering if you’ve moved to Atlanta (I was going to say Florida, but that’s a bit of a stretch).

Great opportunity to be the biggest sports team in town – Hockey is just back on it’s feet, our basketball team is passable but struggling, the Phillies will have a new bunch of young bucks and we have a soccer team, but the season runs too long (through the summer when everyone is down the shore) and we didn’t make many playoffs in any sport last year. So, even making the playoffs would make you an instant hero.

But on a serious note, this is like many jobs out there today. While many companies can still offer large salaries to switch, the question companies need to ask themselves is what do we have that makes employees want come to our company or stay? And it ain’t cheesesteaks, even if your office is in Philly.

Employees look to leave when they are not appreciated or when they are not motivated, trained or even talked to by their bosses. Here’s a great article and infographic on that. Employees also want to know what you have for them in the way of opportunities, flexibility and purpose.

With so many employees, and specifically managers looking to leave, you may have a less-than-desirable position or two to fill this year. Better come up with your own list. And if you can’t, maybe it’s not the job, it’s your company, or more specifically, your employment brand.

And if you are not working on your employment brand and just poaching people who are anxious to leave, I would say that’s a bit short sighted. Will they leave for the first company that shakes a few dollars in front of their face, or a nice hot cheesesteak? Umm. Don’t know about you, but I’m hungry now.

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