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Harris Poll Survey Reveals Majority of Americans Would Prefer to Retain Their Current Working Environment

Work from homeAs COVID-19's impact on the workplace continues to ebb and flow, Americans are granted more opportunity than ever to choose the best work environment option that suits their needs. On the flip side, employers are left wondering how to meet employees in the middle while continuing to foster their company culture and cross-company collaboration.

New survey data from The Harris Poll on behalf of Yoh reveals that Americans who are working 100% remotely prefer to remain that way rather than go hybrid or fully in person. That may not be surprising, but did you know that those working hybrid or 100% in-person also prefer to retain their current working environments?

With the new data at hand, you may be wondering - how does this affect hiring efforts? 


We asked 900 employed and not-employed-but-looking-for-work Americans to share their thoughts surrounding their work environment preference. As it turns out, most would prefer to retain their current workplace structure, regardless of whether they're currently fully remote, fully in-person, or somewhere in the middle.. Even those with kids at home are not interested in shifting to a different work environment.

Finding it hard to believe? Check out all of the stats below!


Here are the findings collected from Yoh's Harris Poll survey..


Retaining talent by providing options

Overall, the "new normal" caused by the pandemic has shown both employees and employers that there should be options when it comes to where and how we work. Today's most successful organizations are choosing to not force any of the three primary options upon their employees or make them mandatory. Instead, companies are creating a flexible workplace model that fits everyone's needs. In most cases, employees simply work out a strategy with their manager that works best for the individual and team.

If you would like more information regarding the survey the Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Yoh, you can read the entire press release here.

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