Flirtation vs. Loyalty

Notre Dame Head coach Brian Kelly's recent buzz about the potential of leaving the Irish for the opportunity to lead the Philadelphia Eagles put many Notre Dame Fans on the defense.   Many are concerned about his loyalty, particularly after 3 years of restoring the team to 12-0 in the regular season before losing to Alabama 42-14 in the BCS National Championship title game.

Will he ever be trusted?  How long will he really stay?  Well the answer is in how well Notre Dame will retain this key player.

Key players are worth saving. Let’s face it, they have deep, imbedded, organizational knowledge and failure to retain them can be costly.  Business issues such as training time, lost historic knowledge, client service disruptions and impacts, and perhaps unforeseen delays in productivity tied to a lengthy candidate replacement search, will deepen the pockets of any organization.

It’s important to stop any employee flirtation with leaving and interviewing with other competitors or companies locked down.

Here are five ways to secure your talent and retain their loyalty.

  • A valued employee, who is career-oriented, has to experience growth opportunities within your organization.  It may not always need to be a promotion, but it has to be increased responsibility, cross-training opportunities, special projects, etc.

  • A valued employee must be recognized for excellent performance, and pay should be a direct link to performance.

  • A valued employee craves opportunities to share their knowledge through mentoring, facilitating training sessions, part of key presentations so ensure you are inviting them to participate.

  • A valued employee understands their goals, roles and responsibilities – they know what is expected and what’s at stake.   They can see the big picture of how their work affects the overall direction of the company.

  • A valued employee loves what they do, respects their colleagues and upper management, and has a personal connection to the values, traditions and mission of the company.  Be sure to honor that.

I’m certain Brian Kelly spent many days reflecting on his decision to stay or go.  It’s now in Notre Dame’s hands to determine his future.  Will they “Play Like A Champion?

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