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Embrace vs. control: Improving employee engagement. An interview with Scott Stratten

Today we are thrilled to offer another interview, this time with Scott Stratten, a.k.a @unmarketing. Scott is an avid user and proponent of leveraging digital media to develop and expand relationships.

If you follow Scott on Twitter, you will find that his tweets are overwhelmingly conversation-oriented, and in most cases are personal responses or comments to those in and out of his network. In fact, Scott can boast that 76 percent of his nearly 57,000 tweets are replies. (If you are not familiar with Twitter, a reply is a message authored specifically to another user.)

Engagement is what Scott is all about. Not only is he a frequent speaker on the topic, but his company UnMarketing is dedicated to helping business professionals move away from traditional, more sterile business development practices. It instead moves them toward more intimate engagement-oriented methods that yield deeper and more valuable relationships across a significantly broader network.

After following Scott for two years, paying attention to the continuous maturation of his thoughts on engagement, and seeing him speak, it became clear that the practices Scott suggests are applicable to the management of the workforce. And more specifically, to engaging the workforce -- the entire workforce -- in a positive fashion.

When I asked Scott if he'd be interesting in talking about this, I learned that another one of his passions just happens to be workforce management. He actually started his career in this discipline and taught undergraduates for several years.

I want to thank Scott for taking the time to talk with us, and I hope that you enjoy the discussion as much as I did. If, at the end, you find yourself wanting to learn more about Scott's ideas on engagement, I encourage you to check out his new book, "UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging," or go see him on his book tour in a city near you.


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