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3 Common Mistakes Recruiters Make With HR and Recruiting Technology

Stressed shocked woman with financial market chart graphic going down on grey office wall background. Poor economy concept. Face expression, emotion, reactionLet me start by saying there is a lot of great HR and recruiting technology out there today. Technology is an enabler and can make us more efficient, profitable and agile. But, when technology takes over recruiting and human resources you may be trading those gains for other unintended and counterproductive consequences. 

Here are a few common mistakes we’ve recently seen when implementing HR or recruiting technology.


Automation without Good Process

Recruiting is a people process. It’s talking to and engaging a job seeker and matching them to an open position. What good recruiters and HR professionals realize is that on paper, or in a system, a person could fit perfectly, but not fit when they are actually on the job. The critical piece about implementing any recruiting or HR technology is that you have a good process for ensuring that from sourcing, through recruiting, a fair, legal and holistic evaluation of the candidate is taking place. Only people can do that. It’s also important to understand the full process BEFORE implementing technology to avoid unintended consequences or loss of good candidates.


Contact without Engagement

We all get bombarded with email messages, texts, and notifications. While it may seem like technology keeps us more in contact with one another, it’s often more of a convenience than actual engagement. It’s easy to send a text or email and feel like the contact has been made. But do you really know how it was received on the other end? Was it really read or just skimmed? Did the reply of “OK” mean they understood everything or just received the message? Many systems allow for a great number of contacts, but HR and recruiters should always ensure that engagement is taking place. Real meetings, video meetings and phone calls to get in-person and immediate feedback and interaction. Technology can be cold – only people can warm it up.


Everywhere and Nowhere All At Once

Technology is ubiquitous. It can place us in front of thousands of people and in hundreds of conversations and platforms. We really can be everywhere at once (almost). But, like spreading yourself too thin in real life, you can be spread too thin over technology resulting in a diluted presence in any one place. And, to the person on the other end, it can feel less than genuine and instead, more automated. Many job seekers, especially younger or highly-skilled job seekers, report that they are immediately turned off if you aren’t genuine or if you look like you don’t know what you are talking about. As important as engagement, focusing and concentrating your efforts and expertise can help you recruit better, especially in a tight job market. You can’t authentically be everywhere.


Lastly, technology can become a huge crutch. A good HR or talent acquisition team will find the balance between technology and human interaction. It’s critical to keep this balance and not to be lulled by cost savings or efficiency into thinking technology can do everything for you.


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