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[Case Study] Statement of Work Best Practices for Health care Staffing

Affordable_Healthcare-Yoh-Blog.jpgEach year, $8,600 is spent per capita on health care in the United States alone. As a result, the healthcare staffing industry has seen an explosion in the solutions used to keep up with demand; particularly in the utilization of Statement of Work (SOW) management. 

All politics and policies aside, the health care industry is having a bit of a defining moment. A huge supplier of jobs, the health care industry has become more critical than ever as access to it has grown since the inception of the Affordable Care Act. To keep up with the demand of patients while still providing high quality care, many in the industry are adding new technological capabilities to make patient tracking and data management easier and better than ever.

In adding many of these new jobs, the use of health care staffing suppliers has grown and consequently for many organizations, gotten out of hand. This was the case with one leader in the health care industry who had to completely re-evaluate its Statement of Work (SOW) process. 

Best Practices for Statement of Work Management

The company’s current SOW program lacked visibility into the spending, sourcing, and performance metrics of contingent labor. There was little insight into staffing costs and no efficiencies in staffing procedures. 

Yoh saw the “vital signs” of the client’s SOW program – what is the spend, where is it going, what are the performance metrics, and how are they being paid – were failing and began to develop a new SOW process with all vendors to bring the client back to life.

The Strategy

Yoh experts rolled up their sleeves and did their own version of scrubbing in before the project took off. As problems continued to unravel, Yoh developed and introduced a SOW program that completely transformed old, outdated, manual process into a fully automated one, delivering previously unheard of visibility, savings and performance insights. Prior to the personalized SOW pilot program Yoh introduced, there were no defined policies, no sourcing mechanisms or tools, and not nearly enough competitive sourcing. Yoh wanted leadership to have a crystal clear look into the SOWs and all of the transactions. There was no surprise in the results, Yoh did just that.

The Impact

Just 40 in-person vendor meetings and 18 months later, Yoh successfully launched the client’s comprehensive SOW program. Yoh diagnosed the client with a clunky, disorganized process and treated it with a completely automated system. Now, managers have visibility and control over spend and approval chains at a moment’s notice when before it would either take days to find out or, most often, never at all. Procurement was removed from daily tactical SOW set up, approval and PO request process, and is now free to focus on more strategic responsibilities. In summary, our agile team brought back visibility, consistency, compliance, change management processes, and tracking and cost management to all future SOWs. Supporting $12 million in active managed projects is just another day at Yoh.

Thanks to Yoh, this health care IT company had the right prescription for success. Read the full case study here.

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