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Best practices to recruit and retain high-impact talent

Recruiting-Solutions-Your-RPO-Provider-Would-Never-Tell-YouBelieve it or not, despite record-breaking layoffs and unemployment levels, a war for talent still exists. Competition for high-impact talent, those highly-qualified and experienced employees that can help businesses streamline operations and become more efficient, are always in demand.

As we start to see signs of an economic upturn, the competition for these high performers will become even fiercer. I recently shared some of my best practices on recruiting and retaining high-impact talent with Computerworld readers. The key is to create an atmosphere that motivates, respects, rewards, and cultivates the skills and growth of employees.


How To Get Top Talent

Your employees need to understand how valuable they are to the organization. Make sure they see how their roles fit into the bigger company vision. Acknowledge their accomplishments, whether in some form of company-wide communication or through small perks or gifts.

Perhaps most importantly, demonstrate that your organization is about more than just making a buck. We're facing tough economic times, and though costs and profits are important, they shouldn't dominate the corporate culture. Your company needs to be value-driven.

For example, at Yoh, we have four key values: safety, diversity, integrity, and success. We begin every meeting we have -- whether internal or with customers -- with a brief message touching on each of these areas. This practice helps our employees connect with the company's vision.

This goal can also be achieved through company participation in community or charity events. A simple gesture that can have an exceptionally profound effect on your employment brand.

When a candidate is selecting a job, the decision is often more emotional than financial. By articulating your company's goals and values and demonstrating the altruistic side of your organization, you'll create the type of environment in which employees can envision themselves feeling comfortable and thriving. It'll give you an edge over your competitors, and help you hold on to your top talent.


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