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7 Skills to Master Before You Face Your First Pressure Interview

Employment interview with a close up view of a female applicant handing over a file containing her curriculum vitae to the businessman conducting the interviewEvery interviewee has to face rigorous questions when they seek to secure an excellent job at a reputed company. Many of these applicants accept failure due to a lack of preparation and proper skills for cracking the pressure interview. They feel pressured and make common mistakes, resulting in rejection. Thus it is essential that individuals focus on enhancing overall skills. There are various ways an individual can hone their skills and approach pressure interviews more wisely.

Even though every interview is not pressuring, one must prepare themselves as if it would be. Interviewees must sharpen their interview skills so they can approach the interview process with poise. 


1. Perform Background Research

47% of organizations admitted that they would be apprehensive about offering a job to an individual who possesses little knowledge of the company. Thus it will be advisable for you to perform background research beforehand. This would entail building a foundational knowledge of key company personnel, mission statement, and vision.


2. Job Description

Performing background research is not enough these days; every interviewee needs to note down the key focus areas of the job for which they are applying. This can help them to focus on only specific questions unique to their career. Thus, it is beneficial to carefully go through the job description and prepare pointers that justify why you can be considered capable of achievement.


3. Avoid Common Body Language Mistakes

Managing body language while facing pressure interviews is quite a tough task as the interviewee has to face rapid-fire questions by the interviewers. There are various body language mistakes which can be avoided:

  • Not sitting up straight.
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Continually staring
  • Nodding a lot.

If the interviewee avoids all the above-listed body language mistakes, they can easily impress the interviewer and effectively face the pressure interview..


4. Clear All the Basic Knowledge

Besides having an impressive personality, it's very important for you to possess excellent knowledge about the job description. It does not matter whether you are applying as an experienced or inexperienced candidate; you can be sure difficult questions will be thrown your way in a pressure interview. Utilize all of the digital resources at your disposal by using mobile apps to showcase your talent and dedication to the job in question.


5. Prepare Yourself for the worst case scenario

Creating a contingency plan to rebound after making a mistake during the interview shows the interviewer you are well equipped to face adversity. Reviewing written tests or presentations that have been described in the job posting can be beneficial for simulating difficult questions. By doing so, you can attempt to replicate the pressure interview and be confident in your abilities.

Below are some common questions to expect during the course of an interview.

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Describe the qualities you possess that make you a good fit?
  • What about the job description caught your interest?
  • Previous work experience?
  • Reason you left your previous position?

Make a list of all potential questions. Preparation is king to optimize your attractiveness as a candidate. 


6. Be Punctual & Attentive

Make sure to arrive at the company office before the designated to convey a sense of punctuality and dedication. It would be a shame to possess all of the right qualifications and dazzle the interview but face rejection because you arrived late. Ensure that you plan your travel method in advance, e.g., book your ride in advance using an app like uber to reach the venue. Planning the trip beforehand can help mitigate unforeseen obstacles, including traffic and accidents on the road.

Listen to everything the interviewer says carefully, to craft the best possible response. Matching the pace of the interviewer so that you can interact with them more accurately, creates a feeling of trust.


7. Switch to Interview Mode

Never wait until you are being interviewed to switch yourself to interview mode; you should be switching gears as soon as you enter the interview venue. Be polite at each stage of the interview venue, starting from the receptionist's desk until the time you depart. Try to maintain a formal decorum even if the interviewer is speaking informally.

Avoid referencing political, religious, or any other divisive topics. Refrain from using casual slang. When switching gears to present your best yourself, it is important to remain cordial and maintain a focused attitude.


Summing It Up

Ultimately, no one can judge your true character in the microcosm of an interview. Just make sure that the interviewer is exposed to your accomplishments and acumens to make yourself attractive as a candidate. Entering the interview with adequate preparation is essential to face high-pressure situations.


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Author Bio- Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger having led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring content. He crafts content on topics including on-demand services for applications like Uber, finances, technology trends and many more.

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