6 Reasons Employee Engagement is the Ladder to your Organization’s Success

Conceptual image with ladder reaching increasing graphWhen you look for actionable strategies to catapult your organization toward success, you often find employee engagement at the top of every list. It makes you wonder why so much importance is given to workforce engagement regarding an organization's success. In this blog, we'll explore what makes employee engagement the ladder of your organization's success. Before that, let's look at what engagement of employees in the workplace exactly means?

Employee engagement is the extent of emotional connection and commitment your employees feel towards your organization. This emotional connection determines their performance, productivity and dedication towards your organization.

Let's discuss what makes employee engagement the ladder of your organization's success-


1. enhances your organization's profitability


According to Gallup's finding, organizations with highly engaged workforces exhibit 21% greater profitability. Isn't it amazing? This finding gives you one of the biggest reasons why employee engagement is termed as the ladder of your organization's success. If you wonder why employees' engagement enhances your organization's profitability, let me help you understand it. Engaged employees are emotionally invested in your organization. This makes them perform outstandingly, exhibit lower absenteeism and turnover. All these factors together enhance your organization's profitability. 


2. Boosts productivity


You would undoubtedly agree that a productive workforce is a must for your organization's success. According to Gallup, highly engaged business units realize a 17% increase in productivity. It is merely because engaged employees who have a strong emotional connection with the firm dream of your organization's success as much as you do. As a result, they give their best at work and exhibit outstanding productivity. So, increment in workforce productivity is another reason which makes employee engagement the ladder of your organization's success.


3. promotes teamwork in your organization


"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together." These words, by Rattan Tata, clearly highlight how crucial teamwork is for an organization's success. Now, when we talk about different strategies for promoting cooperation in your organization, employee engagement is the most effective. Engaged employees have an inherent desire for organizational success. They take the responsibility to make it happen and do whatever it takes for it. This makes them great team players who maintain healthy relationships with their teammates. So, employee engagement promotes teamwork in your organization, which is essential for your organization's long-term success.


4. key to better customer experience


The Temkin Group has highlighted in one of its reports that employee engagement significantly impacts the customer experience. It is quite simple to understand that when your employees are not emotionally connected with your organization, they won't bother about how your customers feel. But, if they are emotionally invested in your organization, they'll take care that your customers feel delighted with their services. This way, workforce engagement is the key to a better customer experience, one of the most significant factors determining your organization's success.


5. cultivating a positive and energetic workplace environment


Engaged employees are passionate about work. They radiate positive energy and enthusiasm in the workplace. Their energetic demeanor impacts the rest of your employees' energy field, and they also begin exhibiting high strength in the workplace. This way, workforce engagement cultivates a positive and energetic work environment. In the presence of such an environment, your employees start giving their best, and the work quality improves, which prepares your organization to soar high in success.


6. competitive advantage


Getting ahead of your competitors is one of the essential requirements for your organization's success. Engaging employees help you with precisely the same. When your employees are engaged, they are productive, dedicated, and bubble with the spirit to take your organization ahead of your competitors. This way, employee engagement gives you a competitive advantage and brings you closer to success.

As discussed throughout, employee engagement offers many surprising benefits that can together ensure your organization's success. Increased workforce productivity, reduced employee absenteeism and enhanced profitability are some of them. So, as ambitious leaders, you should try and take dedicated steps to engage your workforce. Now, wishing you all the best and immense success in your endeavors.



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Author's Bio- Jessica Robinson is an educational writer at 'The Speaking Polymath' who displays a dedicated effort to notice every subject that affects her readers' lives.

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