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Career panic? Listen to the Coach

frazzled_guyWe are facing an unsettling period of change in the employment market place. The daily news about rising unemployment has created panic among both the employed and those who have been downsized out of a job. No matter what your employment situation, making pivotal career decisions out of fear is not a good way to move forward.

On a personal level, the current economic conditions remind me of the late 1980’s when the advent of HMO’s had a major impact on psychologists. At that time, many psychologists feared they would be forced out of business unless they became HMO providers. As a result, huge numbers of psychologists clamored to work for the HMO’s.

I and others chose not to sign on the dotted line giving away our professional independence. Instead we projected that the best strategy for future success was to step up marketing to attract self pay clients.

What happened in the long run? Those who went with the HMO’s ended up with reduced income, mountains of paper work, and revolving door clients. Those who built up self pay practices continued to enjoy their work, filled their hours with motivated clients, and increased their incomes.

On a much larger scale, the current economic crisis is causing analogous shifts in the employment marketplace. A wide array of industries from real estate to finance to law, are undergoing major changes. The good news is that upheaval in the marketplace also presents opportunities for career growth.

For those of you unwilling to accept diminished careers or incomes, now is the time to position yourself for the future. Crafting a solid career plan that leads to your success is of key importance. To map out your best strategy for the future I suggest you start by asking yourself these questions:

  • In what growing industries could you see yourself thriving?
  • What niches in your current industry offer growth opportunities?
  • Is now the time for you to learn new skills that will be in future demand?
  • Are you passionate about providing a product or service and ready to start your own business?

These are the kinds of issues I focus on with my career coaching clients. Are you ready to take on your strategic positioning challenges? If your answer is yes, I welcome your inquiry about how I can help you craft a winning strategy for your future success.


This blog was written by Seth Kaufman. Seth Kaufman, psy.d., Career Change Expert and Certified Career Coach, is a professional career coach and the owner of Creative Vision Coaching located in Center City Philadelphia

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