Jobly.IT Connecting Undergraduates to Talent Demands

At Yoh we have been writing and discussing the notion of art and generosity when it comes to talent acquisition and the necessity of companies to take a generous approach to building up the talent communities that matter to their workforce development. As such we are constantly on the lookout for examples of how employers can put into practice an approach that helps them better engage the talent community form a perspective of simply adding value to that community.

This effort to seek out new and creative ways for employers to better engage the talent community came to mind when I ran across the Launchpad at the University Miami and their annual entrepreneurial pitch competition. The people’s choice award winners of this contest were college freshman, Conner Masterson and Andrew Carlone (of University Miami and James Madison University respectively). Their current startup effort is which is focused on connecting undergraduates to employers for the purpose of giving the employers access to an untapped talent network, and students a better vehicle for positioning themselves for an experiencing building gig.

Here is an interview with Conner and Andrew to give you an idea of what they are building and how they believe it will impact the opportunities for both employers and students.


According to Staffing Industry Analysts the online staffing market will reach $2 billion dollars in 2014; 25% of undergraduate students report working via online freelance outlet. For those hiring or acquiring talent, investing in the undergraduate talent pool makes very good sense. By giving employers the opportunity to engage talent before they enter the workforce full time, they not only have the ability to establish their employment with tomorrow’s future professionals, but also the chance to give this community the guidance or help they need to better prepare themselves for their career launch.

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