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Enterprise mobility software and 4 features to look for

If you have been researching enterprise mobility software for your business, you may be overwhelmed by all of the different offerings and features that are available. As you are trying to narrow down your selections, you need to determine what features are the most beneficial for your specific business needs. While there are many different features that are useful, four features that you should look for in enterprise mobility software are scalability, integration, support and advanced technology applications.


It is important for businesses to be able to utilize mobility software in order to serve their customers and grow. But when the best features are available only in enterprise software programs, how are small businesses going to compete? One way is to find enterprise mobility software that is scalable. That way you have access to the features that you need now but the ability to have your software grow with your business and allow you access to features you’re going to need in the future.


Mobile applications are an essential element for solutions with a mobile workforce. If your company uses mobilization software that does not come with integrated mobile applications, your organization may not be as efficient as it can be. The mobile applications may work great on their own but if they don’t coordinate with the enterprise software your company has installed then they are useless. Most companies don’t know how to program their own mobile applications and having an outside organization create them for you can be expensive. Integrated applications for mobility software increases efficiency and can decrease the overall cost of implementing enterprise mobility for your business.


Another important feature in enterprise mobility software is the number and types of devices that it will support. One of the main advantages of having enterprise mobility is the feature of sharing information across multiple devices. If your company has a bring your own device policy or needs to have vendors or customers included in their enterprise mobility network, the software you use needs to be able to support a wide range of personal computing devices.

Advanced Technology

The mobile Internet uses different programming and platforms compared to Internet access through ISPs. In order to be able to take advantage of advanced mobile technology, the enterprise mobility software you use should be HTML5 based. Otherwise, you are limiting your company on your choices for applications, speed and versatility and limiting your efficiency and optimization.

Enterprise mobility software helps a company create in efficient mobile workforce. If the software your company uses doesn’t have the right features however, your company may not be able to achieve an optimum return on your investment. Looking for features such as scalability, integration, support and Advanced Technology solutions to help you make sure that the software you choose to mobilize your workforce will benefit you now and is your organization continues to grow. Not all enterprise mobility software solutions are created equal; make sure that you understand the features and benefits of the software you choose in comparison to these four main features.

This post was written by Robert Stanley. Robert is a content producer at enterprise mobility solutions from ClickSoftware, a company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning and mobile business apps.

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