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Capperella in the Huffington Post: Women, technology and disruption

If you haven’t read the Seamless Workforce’s own Joel Capperella in the Huffington Post you should – and so should every school-age female. As glass ceilings continue to crash down in corporate America, Joel points to the disruptive force that women are becoming in technology.

To me, “disruptive” is neither good nor bad, but something that challenges the status quo. In this case, Joel’s article focuses on the success that many women like Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer are having in the tech sector. Proof of that is in the stock numbers and the increasing number of successful female entrepreneurs.

In addition, today, many more technology jobs are filled by females and more young women than ever are enrolled in technology curriculums at some of the nation’s top colleges. Due I’m sure in large part to the publicity and awareness of successful executives in technology today.

If this sounds like a solution to the many unfilled tech jobs today, unfortunately we are not there yet. As Joel also points out, there’s a catch to all the females in our universities today.

Hop on over to the Huffington Post and give Joel’s important post a read. Then come back and let us know what you think. Are women going to be one of the great disruptors in technology?

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