All-New, Completely Re-Designed Staffing Solutions For 2014

Are your staffing solutions last year’s model or this year’s? Or, are you ready for next year’s?

Ever notice how car makers showcase next year’s model before the current year is over? Each year we get sold another “new” model or a new feature, only to be told next year that it’s now common or worse, obsolete.

The same can be said for many of the staffing solutions that are around today. From recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to managed staffing, the models and features from the last few years have changed. There’s even models that combine contingent labor and direct hiring.

I’ve often said that you shouldn’t get hung up on names and you really shouldn’t get hung up on how these things were done in the past – or what they were called. The important thing to know is that you have unique needs and there are really no “standard” programs for anything related to recruiting.

This is an important point. Every company has specific needs, from skills to volume and locations to compliance requirements. Once you figure out what you need (or get help defining your needs) it should be called “your program” not RPO or MSP.

So as you are thinking about your staffing solutions for next year, think about it like shopping for a new model of car. Here are some thoughts:

  • Are you going gasoline, hybrid or electric? It’s always risky to be an early adopter, but there are advantages. Maybe your company is ready to move forward quickly or perhaps just a hybrid or slower approach is better suited to your company. Change management is a big part of any staffing program. Assess your readiness for change and set your expectations accordingly. For example, buying an electric car is great if all you do is drive around town. Not so great for long trips.
  • Is it really the same model, just more cup holders? That might be alright if all you really need is more cup holders, but it may not move your program forward. Make sure you are not being sold the same thing you already have or something you’ve already tried. Also don’t be afraid to experiment in other areas. Maybe you can take the train or carpool? Don’t get stuck with the same model or thinking there’s only one model out there.
  • Do you need a new car or just a tune-up? With many staffing solutions, companies look at it as an all-or-nothing proposition. For example, if we do RPO, it has to be for the entire company. Or if we centralize our contingent labor into a managed staffing program, we have to do it all at once for all divisions and locations. Your needs are unique and so are the right solutions for you. Don’t worry about eating the whole elephant at once, there are plenty of ways to work on specific areas and focus your efforts.

One of the main things to remember is that there’s usually no single answer to all of your talent acquisition needs. In addition, sometimes you need to look beyond the models you know about to new ones, or at least new versions of the ones you already know.

Like last year’s model, things are changing all the time with staffing. There are shiny new models and improvements to existing models. Take time to explore what’s new and what might work for your company for next year.

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