Let’s face it, we are all looking for that competitive edge. That little extra something that will put us on top and strengthen our position in the market place.


    When analytics are used properly, you gain valuable knowledge into your business’s current state and provide insight to future success.

    Yoh’s Data Analytics Services will help you wade through the complexities of knowing where to apply analytics for the best results.

    We use past operational data to learn how you operate and use that to build the most appropriate models that predict future opportunities to guide our clients down the road to greater success. Yoh knows data. Having worked with many companies across many industry segments, we understand the challenges of harnessing data and applying on-going and accurate analytic modeling in a sustainable, cost-effective and scalable manner. And we understand that not one size fits all. So we work with you to create models that fit your business. We learn from both old and new data, and blend their results. Here we find the hidden secrets can point the way to greater success.


    Subject-matter Expertise – helping you to identify and define your business cases and determine the best technology and predictive data analytics models to address them.

    Predictive Data Analytic Platform – we provide a cloud based technology platform to easily build the appropriate models and analyze your data without a large investment

    Data Evaluation – we work with and understand our client’s data to design and build the optimal algorithms

    Multiple Algorithms – utilizing a blended set of models to achieve the most accurate results for our clients use cases

    Production Ready – after the models are proven, we work with our clients to make them part of their overall production systems


    • Banking
    • Capital Markets
    • Insurance
    • Life Sciences
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Energy
    • Telecommunications
    • Legal


    Yoh’s experienced and certified professionals are ready to tackle your next project. Let us show you how projects get done. Service offerings include:

    • Software Product Engineering
    • Custom Application Development
    • Salesforce® Development
    • Cloud Migration Services
    • Data Analytics Services
    • Test Engineering

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