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    Hello. We're Yoh.

    We think of ourselves as the ultimate matchmakers – pairing those seeking talent with those who have it. A lot of it. And we’re not afraid to show you what we’ve got by giving you all we have. At Yoh, we’re excited about what we do, how we do it and most of all, where we’re headed – together. The time has come. Join us.


Finding talent and bringing qualified candidates into your organisation takes focused knowledge of the UK high tech markets. Whether you are keen to find one key developer or engineer, or a team of skilled technology resources, it’s all about the right fit for your organisation. And Yoh is your resource in the UK.

Yoh’s team of recruiters specialise in technology areas such as IT, Agile, Oil and Gas, Sales and Finance, so they understand your business and your needs. No guessing or unqualified candidates CVs to sort through. Just skilled professionals and an experienced client services team to call on when needed.

Contact us today to discover how Yoh can meet all of your UK recruitment needs.