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    Hello. We’re Yoh.

    We think of ourselves as the ultimate matchmakers – pairing those seeking talent with those who have it. A lot of it. And we’re not afraid to show you what we’ve got by giving you all we have. At Yoh, we’re excited about what we do, how we do it and most of all, where we’re headed – together. The time has come. Join us.


So you probably fall into one of two categories; (1) you’ve been baptized in agile and take every chance you get to espouse the virtues of agile to everyone you meet and bristle every time you hear methodology used as a synonym for framework OR (2) You know just enough about agile development methodologies to get started (and yes, guilty as charged, sometimes we interchange methodology with framework – here’s why ). Doesn’t matter to us which category you fall into; Yoh can help you accelerate and scale your agile approach or get it started. Although we should add that we do sort of take a hard stand on NOT bringing up agile at potentially inappropriate times like when delivering the speech at your brother’s wedding reception . . .


Talent Backlog

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Add to your agile teams with the speed of adding requirements to the backlog. The product backlog is never a static document and neither are your talent demands. Regardless of the nature of demand - Product Owners, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Developers, QA, etc. – the Yoh agile recruiting process will fill your talent demands faster than you can move a sticky note on your kanban board.

Demand Swat

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When entire teams are required to advance an agile effort forward, you demand SWAT - swiftness when acquiring teams. And yes, while the acronym may be a little weak, the reality of the process is anything but. Yoh not only invests in the development of the agile community in North America and western Europe with the goal of helping individual members of the agile community advance their career goals, but also ensures that well developed and trained agile teams are ready when you need.

Yoh-gility Teams

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Yoh-gility teams. . .yup. . .that just happened! And really if you think about it, the made up word captures the essence of what this service offers. A complete scrum team, typically made up of 7 team members - give or take and absolutely customizable to match your needs – managed by Yoh agile professionals. This team will collaborate with you to define work drivers and complexities (i.e. # of real time calls to back end systems, # of new user screens, content integration, etc) and operate on agreed upon service level agreements like story points completed per sprint, post release bugs, sprint burn down progressing per sprint, etc. See? Yoh-gility really nails it!


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You can pay a ‘guru’ $750 an hour (that is about 461 pounds to our British friends) to come in, get on a soap box and give you and your team a couple of days of training OR you can have Yoh come in to deliver some serious tutelage. This will essentially be some very real world approaches to advance your agile approach. Tutelage is more than soap-boxing, it is portfolio training, team training, certified scrum master training, scrum professional training, product owner training. If it is agile, Yoh tutelage not only covers it, Yoh will stick with you to implement it.

Professor Practical

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Yoh has an approach that our subject matter experts anointed ‘practical’ and the professor is in to help you sort out how to practically apply that approach to your needs. A consultative offering, this service offers coaching at the project, portfolio, or enterprise level and will offer a practice director to you for as long as you need them.