Advisor 360

Advisor 360 (A360) emerged in late 2017 through a strategic collaboration with Yoh’s Professional Consulting Services, particularly with a partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network (CFN), a leading Wealth Advisor in the nation. Yoh played a pivotal role in this partnership by providing high-quality resources crucial for the development of A360's internal operations, portfolio reporting, and client-facing portal. The initial success of this collaboration was evident as CFN garnered awards for their systems and experienced remarkable growth. Following this success, CFN spun their technology into the commercial market, establishing Advisor 360 in 2020. This venture led to Advisor 360 securing multiple contracts with major financial institutions.


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To facilitate Advisor 360's transition from a system designed for a single user to a commercial multi-tenant product, Yoh played a central role, providing statement of work (SOW) services. A360 aimed to establish a new Fintech startup, complete with fresh infrastructure and teams, while the system remained in use by CFN. Drawing upon Yoh's proven track record in delivering resources with intimate knowledge of the Wealth and Advisor business, A360 entrusted Yoh with scaling a team of 20 time and materials (T&M) resources. Yoh not only successfully assembled and onboarded this high-quality team ahead of schedule but also provided valuable expertise and guidance on organizing and structuring A360's product teams for optimal performance.

Through strategic resource deployment, adherence to timelines, and organizational guidance, Yoh played a key role in facilitating A360's evolution into a competitive player in the commercial Fintech market, securing contracts with major financial institutions and positioning itself as a prominent force in the industry.


About Yoh's Professional Consulting Services:

Yoh empowers you with a seamless and efficient framework for planning, coordinating, and communicating with your team of project consultants. We’ll handle the time-consuming administrative tasks and oversight efforts that typically accompany managing T&M support. With our Professional Consulting Services, you can focus on leveraging your team’s specialized skills to deliver your project on time and on budget, and we’ll handle the intricacies of project administration.