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    We think of ourselves as the ultimate matchmakers – pairing those seeking talent with those who have it. A lot of it. And we’re not afraid to show you what we’ve got by giving you all we have. At Yoh, we’re excited about what we do, how we do it and most of all, where we’re headed – together. The time has come. Join us.

You came to the right place

We could have been anything – providers of circus talent, professional bowlers or the sausage kings of Milwaukee, but we aren’t. We are the nation’s leading provider of IT, Engineering, Telecom, Life Sciences and Health Care professionals. Long or short term; just the best, when you need them the most.

Local, National, International or Anywhere in Between

We like people. There, we said it. So we don’t limit ourselves to only some states or those pesky invisible dotted lines between states. If you have a need, we can fill it. Around the corner or around the country and even in different countries like the UK. Yes, even in that place you live. What’s it called? Yes, that’s it.


Temporary Bliss

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When you need skills and expertise quickly for short- or long term assignments, we’re here for you. And we’re not talking, metaphorically. We are actually here, waiting to get you the best professional technical workers we can find. Our experienced recruiters are talking to the best talent in IT, engineering, telecom, interactive entertainment, health care and life sciences every day. Yes, some of us even wear those fancy headsets so we don’t waste time having to actually pick up the phone. That’s how dedicated we are to getting you the best, skilled technical talent available in the (known) universe. We’re still working on other universes. For now, we’re your best bet on Earth.


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We know you’re not just being shallow. Sometimes you can’t yet hire full-time employees, or you want to test them out before you hire. Makes perfect sense to us. We find them, you work with them for a while and if it all works out, you hire them as direct employees. We’re OK with it and we’ll look for candidates who are OK with it. It’s a foot in the door for them and a test drive for you. Studies show that most people who test drive a car end up buying it. We know you’ll love the technical professionals we find for you and you’ll want to hire them. In this case, your mileage won’t vary.

They're Yours

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Take ‘em away, they’re yours. That’s our motto. Actually more of a guideline and really only if you are looking for direct employees. We use our nationwide network of recruiting specialists to find you the best technical professionals to fill your open direct positions. It used to be called ‘perm placement,’ but let’s face it, nothing’s permanent anymore; except the fact that we can help you staff up your employee ranks quickly and professionally. So, that’s one thing that’s still permanent. Oh, yes, and then there’s permanent markers. I guess that’s two things.