Required Statement: Yoh UK Tax Strategy

Yoh UK is publishing this statement pursuant to Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016 of the United Kingdom, for the year ending December 31, 2023.

Yoh UK (Legal name: Yoh Solutions Limited) is a part of The Day & Zimmermann Group, which ultimate US parent is an S Corporation which headquarter is located in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Task Risk Management and Governance

Day & Zimmermann strives to ensure full compliance with UK tax legislation, regulation, and reporting requirements. We have multiple controls in place including policies, procedures, training, and ongoing management reviews to ensure compliance, identify risks, and resolve issues proactively. Day & Zimmermann’s Chief Financial Officer together with the company’s Tax Director oversee the process to monitor the implementation and execution of tax risk management and compliance. This is part of a broader management and board review process to continually assess the implications and impacts of potential tax risks and requirements while ensuring full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.

The company has a team of accounting and tax professionals who compile required business information, primarily using the SAP ERP system, and supply business and financial information to a reputable UK accountancy and taxation firm to prepare tax returns and remit tax payments in accordance with UK. The company also engages with accountancy and taxation specialists both from UK firms and global firms for advice and consultation when necessary to ensure clarity and understanding of tax requirements.

Tax Planning and Attitude toward Tax Risks

Day & Zimmermann is committed to comply with applicable tax laws and regulations wherever it operates to align with our core values. At Day & Zimmermann, We do what we say.® We deliver on our commitments, every time -- but we don't just get the job done. We get it done ethically, safely and with integrity. Day & Zimmermann engages its internal tax team, as well as external UK tax specialists to ensure our views and conclusions are in compliance with UK tax laws, rules, and regulations. The company employs the team to effectively identify, assess, monitor and manage tax risks.

Working with HMRC

Day & Zimmermann aims to provide transparency in all interactions with HM Revenue & Customers (HMRC) through active and cooperative dialogue. We work to provide all required reporting and submissions on a timely basis. In the event we need additional information or clarity we seek assistance proactively to be able to resolve any potential issues.