Do you have what it takes to make it in the booming US Entertainment Industry?

Take this short quiz and find out!

1. What’s your food of choice?

A) Finely aged cheese with crackers and fruit
B) A Chipotle burrito bowl—yes, I know guacamole is extra
C) A Caesar salad
D) Whatever’s served at the new restaurant down the street
E) Mac and cheese

2. If you could take a free trip, which of the following destinations would you choose?

A) Château de Versailles
B) Mt. Kilimanjaro
C)Times Square
D) The Maldives
E) Hong Kong

3. What’s your favorite part of going to the movies?

A) The coming attractions
B) The popcorn and candy
C) The 3D glasses
D) A surprise ending
E) Who goes to the theater anymore?

4. What show have you always wanted to be a part of?

A) Fear Factor
B) How It’s Made
C) The Bachelor/Bachelorette
D) Pawn Stars

5. How many of these Academy Award nominated movies did you see in the past year?

A) Nebraska
B) Captain Phillips
C) Dallas Buyers Club
D) Gravity
E) Her

6. Quick, which image most appeals to you?

A) Chaotic Labrador puppies
B) An equestrian riding a horse
C) A really cute kitten
D) The moon
E) Raindrops on a leaf

7. Which online music service do you subscribe to?

A) Spotify
B) iTunes
C) Pandora
D) Other
E) I don’t pay for a subscription; I get it for free

8. Which of these is not a best-selling video game?

Watch Dogs
Mario Kart 8
Call of Duty: Ghosts

9. Which historical figure do you most identify with?

A) Abraham Lincoln
B) Joan of Arc
C) Ghengis Khan
D) Cleopatra
E) Albert Einstein

10. Which high school stereotype are you?

A) Jock
B) Nerd
C) Hipster
D) Gamer
E) Class clown