EBOOK: Key Considerations

For Hiring Health Screening Workers in a Covid-19 and Post-Covid-19 World

COVID-19 has affected businesses and industries across the world. Many workers had to quickly adapt to new guidelines and regulations that left many working from home. Now, a new challenge is being faced as leaders are tasked to navigate a safe return to the workplace.    

The coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to rethink what constitutes a healthy workforce and is providing unique challenges to ensure safety for customers and employees. So, how can businesses return to work safely and efficiently? The solution could be through hiring screening workers, who can test people for COVID-19 and related symptoms. Implementing health screeners might be the answer, and Yoh is here to help!

Included in this eBook are resources  to help you navigate your return to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

KeyCovid_Blog CTA_450x450_NoButton-1This eBook Will Help You:

  • Develop Back-to-Work Strategies
  • Identify Organizational Needs
  • Find the Right Medical Equipment
  • Establish a Job Description and Qualifications 
  • Learn About the Role of Technology Solutions