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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the premier brokers in the market today. They are leaders in the Fintech market, providing unique products to their customers that range across investment skills. To expand their capabilities, they acquired one of the premier day trading products, Think or Swim. The challenge was understanding how to integrate it into their already robust suite of products.


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Yoh Fintech was engaged by TD Ameritrade to provide a senior team of architects and senior software engineers to do a comprehensive reverse engineering, modeling, and analysis of the Think or Swim product. Yoh provided a team of 7 senior consultants that worked under the direction of TD Ameritrade’s technical leadership. Their goal was to identify areas of potential risk within the code so that it could be remediated. They also needed to mitigate any risk prior to full integration with other internal TDA systems and the ultimate production launch. After performing the highly successful initial product review, Yoh’s team was retained to do the remediation and integration work. This engagement lasted 11 months.


Yoh Fintech has been a trusted partner to TD Ameritrade for over 10 years. We’ve provided consultants and a consulting team to work with TDA’s technical leadership. Ultimately, we’ve supported the client in completing over 10 key projects and providing over 40 total resources.


About Yoh's Fintech Practice:

Yoh’s Fintech Practice is a specialty Fintech Consulting practice that offers Specialized Technical and Business staffing solutions, and Technology Consulting services.  Our clients include Fintech startups and scale-ups in the Digital Banking, Global Payments, Lending, Wealth/Investing, Embedded Finance, Fintech Infrastructure, Regtech, and PropTech sectors.