Advisor 360

Advisor 360 (A360) formed in late 2017, in part due to a partnership with Yoh’s Fintech practice. Initially partnering with Commonwealth Financial Network (CFN) - one of the nation’s leading Wealth Advisors - Yoh Fintech was instrumental in providing high quality resources to support the buildout of their new internal operations, portfolio reporting, and client-facing portal. Since implementing the platform, CFN won many awards for their systems and experienced incredible growth. In late 2017, CFN spun their technology out to the commercial market and formed Advisor 360. The product launched in 2020 and led to Advisor 360 winning multiple contracts with major financial institutions.


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Yoh Fintech directly contributed to A360’s success. A360 needed to take a sophisticated system that was built for a single user and turn it into a commercial multi-tenant product while it was still being used by CFN. They created a new Fintech Startup Company, along with new infrastructure, operations, and development teams to build out the product. Their goal was to expand their team with resources that understood how to build a commercial Fintech product.


A360 turned to Yoh Fintech to provide critical resources for their product buildout. Yoh boasted a proven track record of providing resources with intimate knowledge of the Wealth and Advisor business. A360 knew the quality Yoh’s Fintech team could provide and tasked us to scale a team of 20 resources. Yoh successfully assembled and onboarded a high-quality team and had them functional ahead of A360's required timeline. Additionally, we provided expertise and guidance on how A360 could organize and structure their product teams for optimal performance.


About Yoh's Fintech Practice:

Yoh’s Fintech Practice is a specialty Fintech Consulting practice that offers Specialized Technical and Business staffing solutions, and Technology Consulting services.  Our clients include Fintech startups and scale-ups in the Digital Banking, Global Payments, Lending Wealth/Investing, Embedded Finance, Fintech Infrastructure, Regtech, and PropTech sectors.