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Back to Work Podcast: The Importance of Diversity in the Workplace

Team Huddle 2-1

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture is essential to operating a successful business. Achieving diversity is not simply about attracting minorities to your workplace. It requires all employees to work together to achieve and advance diversity goals daily. In this episode of Yoh's Back to Work podcast series, our host, Joe McIntyre, welcomes Day & Zimmermann’s Vice President of Talent & Diversity and Inclusion, Regina Blair. Their discussions focus on how companies can create a culture of inclusion where everyone feels valued and welcome to do their best work.


When it comes to creating a diverse workplace, some companies fall in danger of completing diversity and inclusion initiatives simply to check a box on a checklist. Regina notes that employees, clients, and potential candidates are intelligent and can easily assess the lack of authenticity in these approaches. While the company thinks they are making positive impacts, they rapidly lose credibility. They cannot engage their employees properly, resulting in high turnover. Diversity makes every aspect of work better. Employees with different backgrounds bring varied approaches to their work and setbacks to produce their best work. Companies that understand this will continue to soar above their competitors and attract top talent.

Hiring practices continue to evolve as companies find new ways to be more inclusive. Regina suggests employers should prepare their hiring managers to apply an inclusive mindset throughout the entire hiring process. This approach begins with a thorough evaluation of job description criteria. Does this role actually require someone with an advanced degree or 5-10 years of experience? Is this role able to be done remotely? This can immediately broaden your hiring pool to candidates you may not have previously considered.


leveraging the diverse talent within your organization

When it boils down to it, Regina notes that diversity attracts diversity. Companies that take a dedicated approach to create inclusive workplaces and celebrate their employees' diversity every day continue to drive a culture of diversity. The conversations on diversity must acknowledge the intersectionality of every person. We do not fit into a box where we are only allowed to be one thing. We all have varying interests, cultural backgrounds, sexualities, and abilities with which we identify. There is space for every person to be represented and included in successful companies.

Much of that diverse representation and inclusion exists within employee resource groups (ERGs). Day & Zimmermann has fostered employee resource groups for many years, such as the Multicultural Resource Group (MCRG), True Colors, and the Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG), to name a few. These groups are open to all employees to create a dialog, network, and focus on professional development.

Above all, the goal of the ERGs is to create a space where your employees feel valued, safe, and welcome. Regina values that these groups establish a forum where people can have conversations they may never have had anywhere else in their lives. “If you live, work, worship, and educate yourself around people that are like you, you may not have the opportunity to have conversations like this except at work.” These spaces within your organization are where diversity thrives.

Learn more tips your organization can take to invest in more vigorous efforts to attract diverse talent and build your brand as an employer of choice for diverse communities by listening to the full podcast episode.

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