ShelbyTurner_HeadshotShelby Turner

Talent Acquisition Partner - DZConneX 

Remotely- Norfolk, VA

Fox Valley Technical College - AAS in Accounting

April 2022



I recruit for DZConneX, keep positive relationships with sponsors, stakeholders and hiring managers. I'm consistently in contact with potential candidates to keep them engaged for future opportunities.

What does your typical day consist of?

First, checking emails to make sure there are no fires to put out. Making sure all interviewees are ready to interview. Lots of outsourcing to find quality candidates as my openings tend to be confidential a lot of the time. Making sure Bullhorn is up to date daily so my progress can be easily tracked. 

Tell us a story about a specific project or client you worked on that was especially meaningful, memorable, unique, etc

When I first joined the team, I had taken over an outstanding requisition, meaning it was aging and needed to be filled ASAP. I think just me coming in brand new and finding a quality candidate, I set the tone for myself. Feeling that recognition within a few weeks of joining was just a perfect way to start and showing that this is what I love to do, along with hard work!

What Does Working for Yoh provide you that other agencies or companies do not?

I feel extremely trusted, that’s a great feeling to have while working from home. A bonus of course are the benefits offered! 

Why did you choose the career you have?

I don’t think that anyone just wakes up one day and says, “I want to be a recruiter!” Myself, I kind of jumped at an opportunity and fell in love with it. I became successful early on and it just stuck with me. There is so much more to recruiting that most don’t see or know about. As Talent Acquisition Partners, we offer employer branding, outreach strategy, interview training, employee engagement, hiring strategy, talent development, retainment strategy, and candidate experience along with being sales men and women. We are also individuals that candidates confide in during their job search.

What is your favorite activity to do outside of work and why?

I’m a big sports fan! I like to travel and visit different stadiums and arenas for the experience and of course to watch the games. I grew up doing that with my dad.

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