RebeccaSnyder_Headshotrebecca Snyder

Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist

Remotely- Torrance, CA

Some college education 

September 2021



I source for qualified candidates, schedule prescreens for qualified candidates. I also schedule interviews for the TAPs/Hiring Managers and am responsible for the putting together the monthly Hot Jobs Report.

What does your typical day consist of?

Typically, my day includes email correspondence, calendar scheduling, and sourcing candidates from job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Tell us a Story about a Specific Project or Client you Worked on that was Especially meaningful, memorable, unique, etc.

After working to fill a req that was severely aging, I didn’t think we would ever find a candidate the Hiring Manager would hire. It was very difficult some days to be motivated, but I kept at it and finally found the person. I was so relieved and happy, as were the rest of my team. The candidate is happy and doing well also.

What do you like best about working for Yoh?

I love working remotely from home. My team is great, I never feel isolated. I know they are always there for me should I need anything.

What was your Experience Like being Recruited by Yoh?

It was quite painless! The recruiter and the Hiring Managers put me at ease throughout the entire process.

What Does Working for Yoh provide you that other agencies or companies do not?

A sense of belonging to a supportive team and the chance to learn so many things. And the benefits are great! I also love the diversity of the team of people I work with.


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