Marcia Hagood


Atlanta, GA

Winthrop University - BS in Biology



I’m the Global Senior Director of Client Services at DZConneX, and I oversee customers’ contingent labor workers outsourced to our company. I provide strategic guidance in order to ensure a successful partnership between us and the customers we serve.

what do you like best about working for DZCONNEX?

No two days are ever the same at DZX. Every day that I come to work, there’s a new challenge or a new opportunity to do something interesting or exciting. I’m given the opportunity to think outside of the box, to learn, to grow, and to do different things than you might think a traditional job entails. We talk a lot about innovation here, and I think a lot of great ideas come from thinking about problems or opportunities in a different way.  

Why did you choose to work for dzcONNEx?

As everyone knows, there are similar organizations out there where I could be doing the same thing. I tell people time and time again that one of the reasons why I stay with DZX is because, as our VP of sales mentions many times, we're a hidden gem in the industry.  The organization's commitment to talent is what has kept me here for over 20 years.  Here, I feel like I am making a contribution and a difference.

are there any interesting stories you can share about your time at yoh?

At our 2000 – 2001 annual meeting in Georgia, I invited my sponsor - the people who oversee our program for our customer - to sit on the customer panel. They were asking him various questions and every answer was, "I go to Marcia." This experience drove home the fact that my customers should be able to come to me and know that I will get any issue resolved.

When the CEO of Day & Zimmermann hears your customers talk about you in that way, it really sets the stage for you to ensure that you do what you say and deliver on your commitments. At that moment, I really understood the impact of what we do for our customers and it really set the foundation for my commitment to DZX and my current and future customers. That was my goal as a program manager and continues to be my goal today as I evolve.

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