2014 was a wild year. Economic volatility defined the markets, hacking exploits heightened the focus on data security, and the effects of Obamacare and a falling unemployment rate were the subject of much debate among experts across industries. Businesses of all types will continue to feel the impact of many of these headlining events on their recruiting and hiring in 2015. And if you look closely enough, you might even learn a few lessons for where to take your hiring plans in the new year.

How much do you recall about the ups and downs of 2014, and what might you need to pay closer attention to in 2015? Test your IQ with the following 10 questions and see how current events can shape talent management next year.

1. The Bakken formation, now one of the largest oil fields in the United States, is in which state?

A) Alaska
B) North Dakota
C) New Mexico
D) Texas

2015 Takeaway: Have a plan in place to easily ramp up hiring when demand accelerates as fast as it has in the oil and gas sector. A hiring partner can bring in skilled, hard-to-find talent, and build a pipeline of top-flight candidates to help meet your needs.

2. Which tech giant released a mobile payment system that’s expected to fundamentally transform check-out counters?

A) Google
C) Apple
D) Facebook

2015 Takeaway: Tech is always a competitive space, and growing fields will only exacerbate the issue. If you depend on this kind of talent, maintain a hiring pool with the help of a managed service provider (MSP) or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and be ready to hire as trends change and the marketplace shifts.

3. This retail giant announced more than 56 million credit card records were stolen in a cyber attack.

A) Wal-Mart
B) Bed Bath & Beyond
C) Home Depot
D) Macy's

2015 Takeaway: Staying ahead of security with a solid talent base of cryptographers, programmers, security architects and analysts, and more will keep your customers’ email addresses and credit card numbers safe.

4. The unemployment rate dropped more than a full point in 2014. How many jobs did the U.S. add?

A) 4.3 million
B) 1.2 million
C) 5.8 million
D) 2.5 million

2015 Takeaway: As more people find work, there’s the potential for wage growth and a shortage of qualified workers, so plan accordingly. Calling on an RPO provider can free up internal HR experts to focus on planning and executing your long-term business goals.

5. Which 2014 movie had the biggest opening weekend at the box office?

A) Guardians of the Galaxy
B) X-Men: Days of Future Past
C) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
D) Transformers: Age of Extinction

2015 Takeaway: Box office success depends on make-up artists, animators, costume designers, and even social media experts just as much as on directors and actors. Source the best candidates for even the behind-the-scenes roles in your organization in order to achieve the greatest chance at success.

6. These two funnymen are the new hosts of two prominent late-night talk shows – can you name them?

A) Louis CK and Seth Meyers
B) Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert
C) Andy Samberg and John Oliver
D) Steve Coogan and Seth MacFarlane

2015 Takeaway: Grooming talent, as NBC did in Fallon, and being able to attract top candidates, as CBS did with Colbert, allowed these late night franchises to seamlessly pass the torch and engage audiences nationwide. Think about not just where you are today, but where you want to be in the coming year.

7. How many Americans enrolled for health insurance through exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act (commonly known as Obamacare)?

A) 7.3 million
B) 6.1 million
C) 8.8 million
D) 10.2 million

2015 Takeaway: The Affordable Care Act is creating new opportunities for nurse practitioners and primary care physicians as the patient base grows. Think about how wellness programs could improve employee engagement and how your occupational health stacks up.

8. Which two space travel companies were awarded contracts by NASA to bring astronauts to the International Space Station?

A) PlanetSpace and Scaled Composites
B) Virgin Galactic and Starchaser Industries
C) Boeing and SpaceX
D) Blue Origin and Lockheed Martin

2015 Takeaway: The growth of new industries, like commercial space flight, creates new avenues for specialized talent (like aerospace engineers). RPO and MSP partners can extend your reach to these increasingly hard-to-find candidates.

9. What weather pattern caused prolonged cold weather in the eastern and central U.S. in early 2014?

A) Icy Front
B) Polar Vortex
C) Artic Blast
D) Cold-Weather Surge

2015 Takeaway: Extreme shifts can create slowdowns for your business, so plan for any staffing adjustments that might be dictated by events outside your control, and how you’ll ramp up hiring again when normalcy returns.

10. This World Cup-winning country defeated Brazil in the semifinals by a score of 7-1—the most lopsided World Cup semifinal ever.

A) Portugal
B) Germany
C) Italy
D) The United States

2015 Takeaway: Germany’s national plan to build a network of talent has paid off: Germany’s 2014 World Cup victory was its first since 1990, and its fourth overall. Advanced planning and dedication to your talent pipeline will pay off big when you want results.