When you hired your managed service provider, you expect them to fully manage and optimize your contingent labor program. In the first year, the majority of Managed Staffing Programs yield a reduction in cost and risk over the contingent workforce. But what about after year two? Year three?

More commonly referred to as a second generation or mature managed staffing program, these engagements hit the ground running in year one, but it's important to understand how they evolve over time.

Fill out the form to watch  Brass Tactics: The Evolution of MSP Contingent Labor ManagementLearn how the MSP evolves over time from Yoh's very own Matt Rivera, a twenty-five year plus vet in the staffing and recruiting industry.



  • Where most contingent labor programs start, and how to properly nurture your program into a mature one  
  • Three project milestones for second generation MSP programs; including centralization, optimization, and strategy 
  • Best practices to managing the staffing supply chain; including hiring manager, project managers, etc.
  • Other important considerations; such as supplier optimization, performance metrics, best practices and how to fold-in other services