Yoh All-Stars

How do you choose between thousands of great Yoh employees who are out working for our customers day in and day out? We can’t and we won’t even try. All of them are All Stars in our minds. But we thought we’d share with you just a few of the diverse, talented, and dedicated people we have working with us.

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Alex D. Wilson
UI Implementer
Seattle, WA

My career goals have always been focused on video games! As long as I’m in games and the project is something that I can get behind, I’m happy. It’d be cool to work on my own game ideas one day, but I feel that I need much more experience before that happens. Contracting assignments certainly help me gain a lot of experience. I love that I get to meet amazing people at Yoh, and there are a ton of networking opportunities. Plus everyone at Yoh is so nice! I always tell people to go through recruiters to aid in the job hunt—networking seems to be more than half the battle, and recruiters are invaluable in that sense.


Puja Puja
Technical Program Mgr.
Sammamish, WA

My goal is to utilize all of my skills to the optimal level in my job, and to get recognition for Yoh IT in AT&T like never before. I envision creating Yoh IT as a brand in whatever client I am working with, and contributing to growing the Yoh IT Account in AT&T and other clients. My recruiter, Kerry Meadows, is so good that she always finds the best fit assignments for the candidate. I enjoy every day working for my current assignment and have grown a lot in my team.




I have a passion for solving technical problems and delivering high-quality solutions for mission-critical business applications. My goal is to keep up with the state-of-the-art in enterprise application architecture and development, and to apply best practices in solving challenging problems across industry domains. I have found that contracting provides an excellent opportunity to achieve these goals. It provides exposure to problems and development practices across business verticals, making it possible to contribute to and learn from an assignment in a unique way.

It has been a pleasure working with Yoh. My primary contact Scott Keller has been very transparent and diligent in keeping me informed about various aspects of the assignment. As a leading solutions provider for industries ranging from Engineering and IT to Life Sciences, Yoh has an extensive client-base for contract positions. The substantial investments that Yoh has been making in its Agile practice enhance its footprint and reputation in the IT domain.