Engineers are capable of creating some amazing things, from the smallest tech designs to exotic super structures. Of course you want to hire the best, but does anyone really know the mystery behind finding qualified engineering talent? 

Okay here it is! Ready? Boom. You’re here. Yoh has solved the mystery. 

Like engineers themselves, Yoh employees solve and stay ahead of the many staffing enigmas that continue to plague you with each project. And this page gives you access to all the answers you’ll ever need. It’s all here, declassified, with no evil curses or extensive digging to do. Just call us.

Besides, everyone knows aliens didn’t engineer the Pyramids of Giza! They just used a really good engineering staffing firm.

Yoh Engineering All Star


Eric Zanto
PCB Dsg. Engineer
Hillsboro, OR

Contracting has given me a broader, up-to-date understanding of customer needs. Every contract I have taken has taught me a little more about my field, allowing me to apply those new skills and design principles to future work. The last two assignments I've taken were so successful that I was converted to a full-time position after only a few months.


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As demand for engineering candidates outpaces the number of qualified resources available in the marketplace, today’s companies need a partner they can trust to deliver top-notch resources needed to drive critical engineering projects. That’s why they choose Yoh.

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A person needs to possess the right skill set for a position, and they need to fit into the company culture. A mismatch from day one will lead to a retention threat. READ MORE