And How they will Shape Your Talent Acquisition Strategy for 2018

Recorded Webinar

Hosted by Human Capital Institute & Yoh

Still feeling a bit in the dark about Big Data or terrified by the term Artificial Intelligence? Many organizations have been embracing both of these concepts and capitalizing on their insights for years. Now it’s your turn to truly get on board with how you can use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to shape your Talent Acquisition strategy. And when better to learn more about these than at the beginning of a new year?

Hear from a panel of visionaries and learn the ins and outs of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, from providing in-depth explanations to leadership, to identifying their pitfalls and opportunities, who should be spear-heading these initiatives within your organization and how to implement.



  • How to explain Big Data & AI to an organization who is struggling with the concept
  • Explain how Big Data & AI are related
    -From a user's (HR/TA) view
    -From a consultants view
    -From a provider's view
    And, from and IT vantage point
  • What are the pitfalls associated with Big Data and AI
  • How does an organization select and successfully implement AI within the Talent Acquisition function
  • What is your vision for Big Data & AI
    -User perspective
    -consultant perspective
    -Provider perspective