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Fran Flynn


Health Care

Fran J. Flynn
Occupational Health Nurse
Modesto, CA

l have been a Registered Nurse for 48 years... And although some ask me when am l going to retire, l feel that as long as l am physically and mentally able to work l should do so. Yoh is giving me that opportunity. I'm not ready to give up on nursing! l truly love my work and the people that l encounter each day. I want to keep making a difference in their lives.. and this job is giving me an opportunity to do just that. My goal in this position is to continue to create health promotion, risk awareness programs, and participation in the culture here at the work site.

The Yoh staff in Walnut Creek, CA is outstanding. They are always available!! They respond when l need them. They are there to explain my benefits and work with me to ensure l understand the company position on training, and contracting with the lab. They have my best interest covered. And besides they are extremely nice people!!

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