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Josh daniels

Cinematic Artist, Turn 10 Studios

Seattle, WA

Arizona State University
Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media/Video


 I am a cinematic artist and video editor that works for Yoh at Turn 10 Studios, which is a gaming studio owned by Microsoft. We produce the Forza racing franchise for Xbox and Windows 10. I produce a bunch of fun marketing material for the studio; mostly trailers for games or downloadable content and expansions.

How are you connected to Yoh?

Yoh connected me with Turn 10. I actually found the listing for the job, bizarrely enough, in this really obscure page on Reddit for Seattle job listings. A lot of the jobs in Seattle are focused on tech, so many of the big companies were posting developer jobs. One day there was this kind of mysterious posting where a gaming studio was looking for a photographer to work there. I checked all the boxes, and that’s kind of where my relationship with Yoh started. They handled the whole process. Now, a year and a half later, they are my in-between maintenance team to make sure things are going well and my intermediary between me and the studio. If there is anything we need, they are my ally in this big huge corporate world of gaming.


The industry is going in such an interesting direction—with narrative and storytelling—and finding a way to do something that before, we only really relied on movies and TV to do. It’s cool because I get to use my education in video production but also work in a digital/virtual world where we have a lot more creative control—more control than we can have in the real world because you’re not really bound by the laws of physics and science and gravity. It’s a really neat job.


If I have time on my hands: Horizon Zero Dawn. If I don’t have time: Overwatch. Check out some of my work here:

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