Yoh All-Stars

How do you choose between thousands of great Yoh employees who are out working for our customers day in and day out? We can’t and we won’t even try. All of them are All Stars in our minds. But we thought we’d share with you just a few of the diverse, talented, and dedicated people we have working with us.

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Kamella l. Shehadey, Registered nurse
Brentwood, CA

In Employee Health/Occupational Medicine, I demonstrate and implement policies and procedures, maintain a safe work environment, adhere to HIPPA regulations, and provide quality customer service. I have had amazing opportunities working with Occupational Medicine/Employee Health departments for different companies. There is so much to learn. I love every aspect of it. I plan to continue my education over the next few years by investing in a higher degree with an emphasis in Occupational Medicine.

Working for Yoh has allowed me to show a potential employer my work ethics, skills, flexibility, motivation, eagerness, and willingness to learn. Yoh Health Care and my recruiter, Jennifer Andersen, have been so helpful and attentive to my needs. Jennifer was great with responding quickly and efficiently to any questions, concerns, or interests I had. I always feel like Yoh is well organized, great with problem solving, and extremely flexible. The companies I worked for through Yoh have given me great opportunities, learning experiences, and confidence in my capabilities.


Alex D. Wilson
UI Implementer
Seattle, WA

I have a rare combination of skills that make me to stand out from other applicants.  My experience with graphics and scripting language allowed me to evolve my career from business marketing to the gaming industry, moving from graphic design into UI development.  Yoh has provided me with great opportunities, advocacy and stability.  I’ve worked with the same recruiter for 3 years and I have always been treated like an asset and a partner.




I write quality documents for use at a GMP facility, as well as perform the qualification of the systems/equipment and processes.  To do this I must have knowledge and understanding of FDA CFRs as well as client procedures.  I deal with their entire process from utilities to equipment to process. I interact with every department within the company so I have to have the ability to effectively communicate and build good working relationships with a diverse group of people.

I have been with Yoh for 14 years.  In that time I have worked projects for 7 different companies at 8 different sites in 3 different states.  Some of these projects were for solid dose, some were liquid, some injectable, so I have definitely had a variety over the years.  Yoh’s Validation group is among the most knowledgeable in the industry. So you always have resources and a knowledge base to turn to when you need it.


Bernard Ikegwuoha Flammability Engineer
Seattle, WA

I don’t believe anyone gets into the contracting business for the long haul, it’s a door that leads to a house and that door is meant to be opened. Contracting has helped me sample my current career choice to decipher if this direction is viable and the most opportune for me, and I’m grateful for it. I definitely am enthused to continue within the aerospace industry especially in my current career path and capacity. I’ve even made a commitment to go back and add an engineering degree to my chemistry degree in order to facilitate this career move.

Yoh and my recruiter assisted and facilitated this job opportunity, because they believed in my skill sets, knowledge and work ethic, and I’m happy to say that, I’ve not disappointed and have used this opportunity wisely to work tirelessly. Nobody deserves an opportunity or the platform to perform, and even more, we aren’t guaranteed anything. We make the best out of the vested belief others have in us and the smallest creases of opportunity to carve out our legacies. I’ve benefited from the faith, hope and belief Yoh and my recruiter have had in me and I’ve worked every day to make them proud and to prove them right.



Eric Zanto
PCB Dsg. Engineer
Hillsboro, OR

Contracting has given me a broader, up-to-date understanding of customer needs. Every contract I have taken has taught me a little more about my field, allowing me to apply those new skills and design principles to future work. The last two assignments I've taken were so successful that I was converted to a full-time position after only a few months.


Fran J. Flynn
Occupational Health Nurse
Modesto, CA

l have been a Registered Nurse for 48 years... And although some ask me when am l going to retire, l feel that as long as l am physically and mentally able to work l should do so. Yoh is giving me that opportunity. I'm not ready to give up on nursing! l truly love my work and the people that l encounter each day. I want to keep making a difference in their lives.. and this job is giving me an opportunity to do just that. My goal in this position is to continue to create health promotion, risk awareness programs, and participation in the culture here at the work site.

The Yoh staff in Walnut Creek, CA is outstanding. They are always available!! They respond when l need them. They are there to explain my benefits and work with me to ensure l understand the company position on training, and contracting with the lab. They have my best interest covered. And besides they are extremely nice people!!