Yoh to host the 5th Annual Agile Awards

November 20, 2014

Bloomsbury Ballroom
Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square
London WC1B 4DA
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The UK Agile Awards are an exclusive, black-tie event that focuses on promoting the successful deployment, practice, and execution of Agile methodologies.

Join us on 20 November at The Bloomsbury Ballroom in Central London and take part in the only event that recognises the best and brightest Agile talent.

The event promotes the use of Agile and is the single largest event for meeting other Agile experts and practicioners.

The UK Agile Awards were created to recognise and award top Agile talent. The event is for today's practitioners and senior leaders in the UK who exemplify characteristics of conviction, passion, and courage. It recognises the challenge of adopting the discipline and serves to publicly recognise their efforts.

To find out more visit: www.ukagileawards.com


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