Why you should care about how your professional staffing services provider handles recruiting

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Posted by Joel Capperella

April 29, 2011

Today I met with a sales representative of one of the major job boards. He spent a fair amount of time discussing the broad coverage the board has, the incredible number of impressions it serves on a daily basis, the significant number of new resumes that come into the system each day, and the intelligent performance of the algorithms that place job ads across the Internet.

In a short breath after these statistics, he went on to say that his company is much more than a job board. And yet, the value that he presented during that conversation was ultimately about one thing: quantity.

If you are using professional staffing services, the question then becomes, how highly should you value quantity?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on an analysis conducted by Jobs2Web that illustrated that sourcing candidates through a job board resulted in a staggering 663 percent more applicants than when the same position is sourced directly through a company's career site. While the boards love to trumpet that volume (and there is some merit to quantity), the amount of volume is unmerited.

Qualifying 219 applicants rather than 33 for one open position is a daunting task that unfortunately leads to the elimination of many candidates based on a mere glance at their resume or application. For hiring managers, this creates uncertainty over whether or not they have received access to the best candidate.

For those leveraging professional staffing services, it is critical to understand how they do their sourcing -- whether they play a numbers game or if their recruiters are being fed the most pertinent applicants that a well-optimized job posting and career site strategy can deliver.

The latter frees recruiters to mine for talent instead of weeding through the hundreds of unqualified candidates that might come in from the job boards. This freedom gives recruiters the ability to exercise more aggressive social media recruiting strategies, actively network to build their talent communities, and dig into the details of an incoming candidate's profile that, on face value, might appear to be a red flag to hiring managers.

Job boards will be a necessity, at least for the immediate future. Hiring managers should insist that the professional staffing service provider they do business with illustrates how quality is protected in the recruitment process.

Full disclosure: Yoh is a client of Jobs2Web.

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