The 1st Thing About Candidates That's Such a Pain to Me (A Holiday Parody)

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Posted by Amy Williams

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December 19, 2017

Lack of customer service.jpgIt's that time of year again, where between all of the parties, treats, and eggnog, there are things that aren't quite as pleasant including, the crowded malls, endless lists of holiday tasks or sitting down to pay those holiday bills. That's probably why Bob River's Comedy Corp's "The Twelve Pains of Christmas" has been a favorite Holiday tune of many since 1987 and on my mind this holiday season.

In the recruitment industry we all love what we do, helping candidates find the job of their dreams; whether it's through outsourced recruiting, contingent labor programs, or like me in marketing - getting candidates the information they need, is fulfilling and rewarding in it's own way. However, sometimes candidates can make the process a challenge. If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, I know you'll agree this to be true.

So, I enlisted the help of our Yoh-Certified recruiters to pull together... Sing along with me..."The 1st Thing About Candidates That's Such a Pain to Me..."


1. "No call, no show?"

With technology literally at our fingertips, just a call or text that you can't make it is all we ask! If you can't make the appointment, please just let us know.


2. "The paperwork is done, but where is my candidate?"

We found the perfect candidate for a had to fill position. All of the paperwork is complete! Let's talk about your start date. Many calls, emails, and texts later...hello? Cue the Charlie Brown walk of shame back to the hiring manager.


3. "Placing Excel tables within a resume"

Yes, this is a thing. And yes, it makes reformatting resumes for the an ATS a nightmare. Simple, clean resumes is what we like to see!


4. "Too long text messages"

Text messaging in recruiting is becoming more standard these days, but a few words or a sentence will get the message across just fine, at least until there is more time for a phone call or email. Anything longer, and pick up the phone! 


5. "Stalling once the offer is extended"

The candidate wants the job SOOOO bad, and we enthusiastically extend the offer. Now they need a week to think about it. Hmph.


6. "Excessive follow-up"

The recruiter/candidate communication is a delicate dance. That's why we wrote a whole blog about how often you should follow up with a recruiter. Learn when to draw the line on communicating and when it becomes excessive.


7. "Dated resumes"

The first rule of finding a job is keeping your resume current. If the resume format is dated, it causes more work for us and can often eliminate the candidate.  Quickly update your resume before it gets into the the hands of a recruiter.


8. "What's the emergency?"

Calling 7 times in 4 minutes when a recruiter is on the other line for a non-emergency is never wise. Please, leave a voicemail and we'll gladly call you back. There is probably a very good reason the recruiter couldn’t answer the first time.


9. "Rescheduling an interview"

Interview scheduling can be like playing Jenga, if one person backs out the whole thing falls apart. We beg you, please make every attempt to make the interview and try not to be the reason that the scheduling falls apart.


10. "Check yourself"

Whether or not you have the necessary job requirements can sometimes be a gray area for those applying for the job. We get that. But other times, there are blatant discrepancies with the experience of the candidate and the role they are applying for. Ultimately, this just winds up wasting the recruiter's time and the candidate's. Ask yourself, "am I truly qualified for this role"?


11. "Lying about an interest in a role"

There's nothing more refreshing than honesty. Be honest with the level of interest you have or don't have in a given role. When candidates lie, they are wasting our time and their own. This can be disheartening and can make us less likely to seek them out for other future roles. 


12. "Unannounced visits - even after we just spoke with the candidate" 

One of the worst parts about recruiting is delivering a rejection. When a candidate stops by the office unannounced, it just makes the process harder by having to repeat it in person. Unfortunately, the decision isn't going to be different the second time around or in person.


If you're a candidate, now's the time to confess one of the worst pains you caused a recruiters. For all you recruiters out there, need to get something off your chest? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.  



About the Author: Amy is a Digital Marketing Manager at Yoh and alumni from the University of Pittsburgh having earned her degree in Media Communications. In her spare time you will find Amy singing with her operetta company as well as enjoying all things pop culture, food and Philadelphia.

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