RPO - The Preview to the Main Attraction

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Posted by Katie Duffy

March 21, 2014

Directors_CutAccording to Wikipedia, a trailer or preview is an advertisement or a commercial for a feature film that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema.

I recently visited the theatre and watched all of the previews, ahead of their release, in the hope of enticing me, along with other movie goers back into theatres or buying the movie to watch at home. 

The movie trailer is rather short – 4 minutes usually.   That’s a brief amount of time to captivate the audience.  These trailers must be purposeful, targeted, and intentional.

Some techniques used to create a preview, may include voice, music, and incredible editing to show you just enough to spark your interest but certainly not to spoil the ending.  Some may argue that its film editing at its finest.

Professionally speaking, for Yoh one of our Main Attractions is Recruitment Process Outsourcing.  Our preview or first impression to the client has to be effective, quality-based, and highly impact our client’s demand for talent and bottom line.  For talent impacts everything after all.  It sounds like a complex process, but we have the tools, resources and values to make it easy.   Here’s a preview of our services…..

Track Record of Success

  • Long term, innovative Partnerships
  • 50 years of partnership with Fortune 30 Conglomerate
  • 15 years of RPO relationships
  • Renewal track record

Customized Solutions

  • Innovative
  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Constant Evolution

Consistent Execution/Reputation

At Yoh RPO, we are confident that by taking a look at our website, calling our client references, and trying us on as a pilot is all you need to develop a long-term partnership with us.  We are different, purposefully different. Just give us 4 minutes!

Katie Duffy is a staffing and recruiting professional with more than 15 years of experience in corporate staffing and consulting services. She currently serves as an RPO Director for Yoh and leads a full RPO engagement for a global agribusiness company. Katie’s expertise spans operations management; large account development and management; developing and implementing talent strategies; start-up experience; recruiting and resource management; and management of professional recruiting staff.


Topics: Staff Management, RPO

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