Podcast: Discussing workforce trends with John Rossheim

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Posted by Joel Capperella

July 12, 2011

The relationship between employers and employees is constantly changing. Today, the economic recovery we're experiencing has started some trends that are affecting the workforce like never before, specifically the relationship between these two groups. No one knows this better than John Rossheim.

John is a journalist who has been covering employment and careers for about 12 years, through recessions and long-term trends that have become increasingly important. He's also a familiar face around here. John has interviewed experts at Yoh before, myself included. This time around, John joined us to answer some questions about that evolving relationship between employers and employees.

In our recent conversation, John brought our attention to the shift of risk from employers to employees, calling it the "mega-trend of the century." John cited the increasing use of temporary employees and the continuing demise of pensions as proof that this trend has forever changed the workplace.

Listen to the conversation to hear more about this trend and what it has to do with the role of contingent workers, their impact on recovery, and the view of contingent workers' roles in the workforce.

One big take-away from John is not just how these relationships are changing, but how to maintain a strong relationship. And his answer: simple honesty. Asking employees what they are looking for builds a professional relationship based on the reality of what is motivating them each day.


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