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Posted by Matt Rivera

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April 29, 2011

There has been a lot of buzz around the tech companies in Silicon Valley. From whether we are or are not seeing the next bubble, to the latest and greatest gadgets, to how these companies are incentivizing their employees to keep them in-house and providing them with the best talent. A few quick news items below to get you up to speed.

  • The Wall Street Journal highlights Microsoft's decision to Boost Cash Pay for Employees. The company announced that it plans to increase compensation, providing more up-front cash to its employees by shifting a portion of their stock award targets into base salaries. Could this move be an attempt to remain competitive with the likes of Google and Facebook?

  • In Tech Jobs Boom Like It's 1999, USA Today reporter Jon Swartz details the "biggest hiring binge" in more than 10 years. Further, Moody's Analytics expects 150,000 tech jobs to be added this year, and Jones Lang LaSalle has indicated that the current number of tech jobs in San Francisco is close to the 34,000 jobs held at the height of the first tech bubble in 2000.

  • So You Want to Use Your iPhone for Work? Uh oh. More employees are looking to integrate their personal smartphones or tablets into the workplace, which means potential headaches for employers. By identifying potential pitfalls in advance such as security issues, encryption of data and reimbursement costs), employers can stay one step ahead.

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