10 Questions to Spot an Engineer

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August 20, 2014

How_to_spot_an_enginerFrom the iPhone and Apple to everyone’s favorite computer search engine (rhymes with Doodle) to the world’s largest portable roller coaster, engineers are responsible for shaping the world around us.  

Sure, you can go to school and try to become one, but everyone knows engineers aren’t made they are born. After all some of the world's most influential engineers (and other famous celebs) dropped out of college and made out just fine.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself, “How do I know if I've got the engineering bug?” Well, you might be an engineer if you exhibit one or more of the following tendencies: 

  1. You know the glass isn’t half empty or half full because the glass is really twice as big as it should be
  2. You know how to build a working light saber
  3. You dream in binary code
  4. You have more toys in your office than you had when you were a kid
  5. You’re not shy about sharing your opinions about computer RAM
  6. You know 11 types of people, those that understand Gray code and those that don't
  7. You use a Kano model before you order a pizza
  8. You think the only thing better than putting something together is taking something apart
  9. You know how to use every function on a graphing calculator
  10. You read the instruction manual to your toaster



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