Download the Webinar: Is RPO The Best Talent Acquisition Strategy For You?

Learn how Recruitment Process Outsourcing is proven to optimize talent acquisition strategies for quick recruiting results 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a commonly used talent acquisition strategy, but have you wondered how it actually improves the recruiting process? And more importantly, how do you determine whether it is the right strategy for your organization?  

RPO can vary from provider to provider, but there are commonalities in the principles that govern RPO programs. Download this pre-recorded webinar and presentation to reveal the realities and misconceptions surrounding outsourced recruiting. This webinar is highly recommended for Human Resources and Talent Acquisition professionals who want to learn how and when RPO is commonly used.  


This Webinar Will Help You:

  • Define what RPO is & isn't 

  • Understand when to use RPO services

  • Spot several common instances when RPO services have proven to add real value 

  • Identify new industry best practices you can put into action for your organization

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Matt Rivera moderated the live webinar. In his role as the VP of Marketing for Yoh, Matt is responsible for the strategic direction of Yoh’s marketing efforts, candidate marketing, and general communications. We get it at Yoh and Matt helps make sure everyone sees it. Matt manages an exceptional team of content and candidate marketers who work on an integrated platform and with leading tools and marketing resources to provide content, information and engagement to our audiences.

Kaci_Seals_Yoh_RPO.jpgThis webinar was led by Kaci Seals, a Yoh RPO operations manager. A veteran talent acquisition leader, Kaci started her talent acquisition career more than 20 years ago as a recruiter with Southern Illinois Healthcare. Known for her expertise in training and development, sourcing, and the practical applications of technologies, Kaci’s client teams have produced amazing results. Her genuine passion for recruitment and her ability to drive results by thinking outside of the box to meet client needs have made Kaci a respected and valued client partner.