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Kamella_Shehadey_PictureHealth Care

Kamella L. Shehadey
Registered Nurse
Brentwood, CA

In Employee Health/Occupational Medicine, I demonstrate and implement policies and procedures, maintain a safe work environment, adhere to HIPPA regulations, and provide quality customer service. I have had amazing opportunities working with Occupational Medicine/Employee Health departments for different companies. There is so much to learn. I love every aspect of it. I plan to continue my education over the next few years by investing in a higher degree with an emphasis in Occupational Medicine.

Working for Yoh has allowed me to show a potential employer my work ethics, skills, flexibility, motivation, eagerness, and willingness to learn. Yoh Health Care and my recruiter, Jennifer Andersen, have been so helpful and attentive to my needs. Jennifer was great with responding quickly and efficiently to any questions, concerns, or interests I had. I always feel like Yoh is well organized, great with problem solving, and extremely flexible. The companies I worked for through Yoh have given me great opportunities, learning experiences, and confidence in my capabilities.